Information Security & Cyber Defense

Protecting your company, clients, vendors, and employees from the threat of a cyber-attack is critical to successful business operations. Many companies do not understand the vulnerabilities of their systems have, thereby opening the door to the potential loss of personal and confidential information and eroding the trust of your their customers and employees. JYG Innovations can assist you in creating systems, processes and industry best practices a system for you that will provide multiple layers of defense against criminal hackers cyber tampering. No company is too small to have a implement security protection and the time to put a system in place is before an attack occurs happens. From network security analysis and security engineering to software vulnerability analysis and testing, we can help keep your information safe and secure.

Security Engineering • Security Plans and Procedures • Software Vulnerability Analysis • Network Security Analysis • Air Force Evaluated/Approved Products Listing (AF/EAPL) Testing & Submissions • Certification and Accreditation • Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) Compliance

Information Security & Cyber Defense
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