Seaport-e ID/IQ

Team JYG provides high caliber information technology, engineering and program management support and services at affordable prices. Our federal clients entrust us with their most demanding support needs and problems because we reduce their risk with superior personnel and professional project management. JYG Innovations is a financially stable company with the resources necessary to provide the Navy and Marine Corps high-quality and timely support without delays or interruption. We are prepared to execute task orders from this contract in a professional manner and respond to technical direction quickly through our lean, but effective management chain. Team JYG’s dedication to contract performance and our proven record of excellence, customer satisfaction and technical capabilities provides a strong framework for executing any awarded task order.

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Primary Points of Contact:

Merrill Osterman, VP Strategic Programs
O: (937) 630-3858 ext.105
M: (812) 639-1261

Team JYG Members:

JYG Innovations LLC. (JYG) is an experienced Small Business Administration (SBA) 8(a) and Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) focused on providing innovative solutions and exceptional service. JYG provides Information Technology Software Support, Cyber Security, Database Administration/Management Support, Help Desk, Network Support/Administration, Program Management Support, Clinical Services, Medical Research and Professional Consulting Services for DoD, Federal, and Commercial clients. JYG Innovations promotes strategic alliances as a critical element for our business success and growth. As such, we develop and utilize relationships with other companies for strong teaming and partnering. We have composed a team of four companies, specifically for this effort, who work seamlessly together and have in-depth capabilities in the desired areas mentioned in the SeaPort-e Selected Service Areas.

ERP International, LLC. (ERP) is a nationally respected provider of technology solutions in the areas of acquisition and program management, information technology, business analytics and informatics, engineering, lifecycle management & logistics readiness, supporting clients in the government and commercial sectors. ERP provides comprehensive enterprise strategic sourcing and management solutions to DoD and federal civilian agencies in 28 states. ERP is an SBA certified 8(a) firm and a Small Disadvantaged Business. ERP is headquartered in Laurel, Maryland and maintains regional offices in Montgomery, Alabama and San Antonio, Texas as well as project locations nationwide.

BTL Technologies, Inc. (BTL) is a Small Business, Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB), specializing in providing Information Technology and Professional Services to the Government. BTL offers full-service information technology solutions with extensive industry knowledge ranging from systems integration and network design and management to enterprise data center capacity utilization and the complexities associated with information assurance and security concerns. BTL is headquartered in San Antonio Texas with regional offices in Washington D.C. and Montgomery Alabama.

SBG Technology Solutions (SBG) is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) providing Professional Management / Engineering Services and Consulting. SBG specializes in providing strategic technical studies and programmatic services to federal agencies, with specific focus on the Department of Defense and Intelligence Agencies. SBG currently provides a broad range of administrative and engineering related program services to Program Executive Office Integrated Warfare Systems, Office of International Programs; Program Executive Office Ships; Program Executive Office Space Systems, Naval Open Architecture and the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Office of the CIO.

About Team JYG

Team JYG is guided by three core principles and has an unwavering commitment to offer quality solutions, competitive pricing, exceptional customer service and a high experienced staff. To ensure these principles are met we:

  • Value Our People – Select experienced, innovative and creative personnel
  • Value Our Customers – Understand requirements to ensure on-time and on-budget support
  • Value Our Partners – Form alliances that share our values and compliment our capabilities to ensure customer success

Team JYG can participate in SeaPort-e task orders released for Zones 2 (National Capital), 4 (Gulf Coast), and 5 (Midwest).

Quality Assurance Program

Integral to our management approach is comprehensive quality management. We expect quality performance from our employees and teammates and have established quality control (QC) (ensuring the results of the work done is as per expectation) and quality assurance (QA) (insuring the processes are being followed and maintained correctly to ensure continuous quality improvement) methodologies to facilitate and ensure this performance. Our QA/QC methods are thorough, organized, and iterative and are characterized by continual and open communication, internally as well as with our client.

Central to QA is a set of CMMI Level 3 processes that JYG applies across all projects in the company. The processes are well-documented and will be incorporated within each task to define quality metrics. Upon Task Order award, the JYG PM will establish a QC Plan (QCP) in collaboration with the SeaPort-e customer Program Manager that will include a set of Acceptable Quality Levels (AQLs) with specific parameters for each task assigned. This QCP and the AQLs contained within will then become the basis for managing the quality process. Our QC processes delivered per defined requirements, schedule, cost, standards and documented configurations. Our task orders are subject to QA across the entire process, and are monitored by our corporate QA Specialist, to ensure processes are properly followed.

The JYG PM will be responsible for and will sign each final deliverable document to insure the quality integrity is maintained. The JYG PM will immediately notify our senior management and the SePort-e customer PM of major issues that could adversely impact compliance with contract/task order performance, or that could significantly impact deliverables (e.g., schedule, scope, quality), along with a corrective action plan. If necessary, the JYG PM may solicit the help of our QA Specialist to develop and implement the corrective action plan.

Per our CMMI L3 certification, the QA Specialist will conduct periodic independent audits to determine whether standard processes are being followed, the task objectives are being met and the overall performance of the team in terms of schedules and costs is not compromised. The QA Specialist will then create a formal report for our executive team, which will include identification of current and potential problem areas, recommendations on corrective actions and areas of compliance with standards. If any issues are identified, the JYG PM will be responsible for implementing the corrective actions. The QA Specialist will work with the JYG PM in this corrective process, helping to perform a root cause analysis if necessary via the use of tools such as Pareto diagrams, flowcharting, trend analysis, and fishbone (cause and effect/Ishikawa) diagrams to better understand the data and/or processes; and helping to prioritize corrective action strategies such as providing training, making process changes, and employing new tools in concert with SeaPort-e approval. The QA Specialist will re-inspect problem areas to ensure that the corrective actions have been successfully implemented, and have in fact resolved the problems.

Team JYG Experience within Functional Service Area

By utilizing a four company team approach, Team JYG is able to present very strong capabilities and the ability to provide qualified staff with the desired experience for requisite efforts in the time frame required. Our Team’s significant experience in each proposed Functional Service Area (FSA) is relevant and current. Below is a summary matrix by FSA for quick reference of total capability.

Our Contract Vehicles

GSA Schedule 70
Seaport-e ID/IQ

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