Research and Analysis

R&D and big data analysis play a critical role in supporting the U.S. Department of Defense mission to protect our country. The DoD and many other government and commercial organizations face tremendous challenges in order to maintain its competitive advantage on the battlefield and in the marketplace. Through JYG’s Research and Analysis services, clients receive scientific data and research analysis that propels them to leadership postures in their technology and business markets. JYG Innovations provides Aeromedical Research Support, Medical Simulation Research Specialists, Flight Nurse and En Route Care research Scientists (PhD), Epidemiological Studies (PhD), Research Data Analytics and Statistical Support, Human Factors Engineering and Lean Six Sigma process improvement. We also provide effective services in Biomedical Science and Public Health Management, as well as Administrative and Program Management Support.

Program Management • Project Management Office (PMO) Support • Transition Management • Project Management • Business Case Analysis • Risk Mitigation • Earned Value Management (EVM) • Integrated Master Scheduling • IT Governance