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Medical and Clinical Staffing

Helping to care for our military is a point of great pride for JYG Innovations. We Not only are we a proud employer of US military veterans, and we also work diligently to provide the best medical care to members of the Armed Forces and their families. Our company works with Military Treatment Facilities across the county, providing staff to deliver exceptional care and top-notch medical and clinical staffing assistance. Our staff includes outstanding physicians, registered nurses, radiologists, therapists, and pharmacists.
We are always looking for outstanding people to join our team, from physicians and registered nurses to radiologists, therapists, and pharmacists. Join our team and help us care for the brave individuals who care for.

Federal and Civilian Hospitals • Clinics and Medical Treatment Facilities • Physicians and Registered Nurses

• Administration • Allied Health Staffing (Radiology, Therapists, Pharmacists)