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Project: Defense Enterprise Accounting and Management System (DEAMS)

As part of the comprehensive Financial Management Transformation Team initiative, DEAMS provides an integrated Financial Management Chief Financial Officer (CFO) compliant turn-key solution that implements financial management functionality to create an enterprise financial data view.  The system solution includes all the hardware and software components, programs, interfaces, and configuration necessary for the user to “turn-the-key” and use the system as delivered by the System Integrator (SI) without additional components or modifications.  The solution processes financial management transactions to manage: USTRANSCOM Working Capital Funds (TWCF), general funds for the USAF, and Army general funds provided to Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC).  DEAMS also creates, captures, validates and reports reliable, accurate, and timely financial data for decision makers across the enterprise.  Project support includes:

  • Evaluating DEAMS systems engineering activities in relation to industry best practices and standards.
  • Providing functional Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to conduct an independent assessment of process issues identified during the IV&V effort.
  • Performing all necessary project planning to apply the proposed IV&V methodology to DEAMS
  • Evaluating internal APMO, FMO and SI processes.  Recommend possible improvements.
  • Perform Gap Analysis of FD/TDs giving insight into inadequate or missing system functionality.
  • Provide system recommendations used to fine tune system parameters to meet end user expectations.